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Eye Medicine

Eye Medicine


Eye problems are important. Sometimes there is the risk of permanent loss of sight. At others, the eye can mirror or reflect disease and illness elsewhere. Blurred vision or eye pain, particularly of sudden onset, needs  immediate attention.

Other important visual symptoms include shadows obscuring vision, seeing wavy lines instead of straight, light hurting the eye and seeing flashing lights. If so, seek help straight away. Additonally contact lens wearers or those who have had laser or eye surgery will need examination if problems arise.

Glaucoma is a condition, which can cause silent loss of vision, particularly in the middle years of life. Therefore, an eye test or visual health check with an Optometrist or Doctor can turn out to be sight saving. Straight lines may appear wobbly or wavy due to macular degeneration. This is more likely in the later years of life. If unsure about your eyes seek help from a Doctor or Optometrist.

Eyes are very precious, look after them.








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