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Family Planning

Family Planning

We want everyone to be able to make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health. We welcome all patients for a confidential appointment with our Doctors and we can offer the following services:

Cervical screening - free for over 25's on routine recall with a choice of 4 female GP's or the Practice Nurse.


Pregnancy testing

Gynaecological problems

Fertility services

Premenstrual syndrome

Sexual dysfunction or related issues

Referral for termination

Emergency contraception

We have two female doctors, Dr Philippa Bashforth and Dr Sophie Le Maistre, who are trained for removal and insertion of intrauterine devices (coils). Dr Sophie Le Maistre can insert and remove subdermal implants (Implanon).

If you wish to discuss having an intrauterine device or implant please make a free appointment with Dr Bashforth or Dr Sophie Le Maistre for a consultation to discuss the chosen method in detail. A longer appointment will then be made with the same GP to have the device fitted.

Please contact the surgery for further information on 733322 or by email:

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