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Make a payment to Health Plus quickly and more securely with a
PayPal account, you won’t need to type in card details or personal
information – just an email address or phone number. Simply click
onto the PayPal button enter your PayPal details. In "Enter Description"

please enter your 'Patient Name' and 'Patient ID Number', in item price

please enter the amount you are paying and then press update before

making a payment. (Payments to be made for GP Consultations only) Accounts not settled within the calendar month will incur a late payment fee of £5 for every month the account remains unpaid.

Don't worry if you do not have a PayPal account you can pay with a debit
or credit card listed below. Simply follow the instructions above but
select PayPal Guest Checkout option. We are also happy to receive a bank payment which is paid directly into the Surgery Account through a BACS Payment (Bankers Automated Clearing Services)

Please Click Here for that option.

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